This page is for version 1.x of Click! Recorder.
Click here for Click! Recorder version 2.
Capture Mouse When buttons are pressed and released.
Keyboard When any of tab, Enter, or ESC keys are released.
  • When contents of controls such as a checkbox or text are changed.
    Windows NT 4.0 cannot detect this. Also, on Windows 98/Me, some changes will not be detected.
  • When a new window opens.
    On Windows 98/Me/NT 4.0, this cannot be detected.
  • Message box text.
  • PrtScn key for full screen capture.
  • Alt + PrtScn key for active window.
Maximum Captures Depends on memory amount and other environments of your PC.
For more details, refer to Maximum Captures.
Export Text Text, Word Document (images can be either inserted, linked, or linked and inserted), HTML (Web page), rich text format.
Images Windows Bitmap (BMP), JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG

System Requirements

Operating System
  • Microsoft Windows XP / Vista
  • Internet Explorer version 5.01 or later is required.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.5 SP1 is required.
  • For Windows 98 / Millennium Edition (Windows Me) / NT 4.0 / 2000, please use Version 1.4.3.
Hard Disk8MB or more free space
  • Internet connection is required to register the product.
  • Sound capability is required for capturing sound.
  • Microsoft Word 2000/XP or later is required to export to Word documents and to use Word Add-In.
    To use with Word 97 or earlier, export to HTML or Rich Text Format.