This page is for version 1.x of Click! Recorder.
Click here for Click! Recorder version 2.

When Click! Recorder Cannot Generate Correct Text

Here is a list of common errors we have confirmed, together with helpful tips on minimizing their effects, avoiding them when available.

Text varies by application and Windows versions. You may experience problematic text generation in cases not mentioned below.
Screen capture works properly even when texts cannot be generated properly.


  1. Try recording tips.
  2. Button names without text cannot be recorded except with specific software products like Explorer, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, or Microsoft Office.
  3. Software with non-Windows-standard-controls may not record properly. Newer versions of the software may record better.
    For instance, Office XP records better text than Office 2000.
  4. Passwords are recorded as "****" for security reasons.
  5. If you cannot record menu operations properly, follow the procedure below.
    • Use clicks, not drags. Click once to drop down the menu, and click again on the menu item.
    • Before releasing mouse buttons, listen to the capture sound and make sure it has stopped.
      If you release mouse buttons too quickly, the names of menu items may not be recorded properly.

Windows 98/Me/NT 4.0/2000/XP

  1. To record the Start menu, follow the menu operations recommendation in the General Section above.
    Clicking on each of Programs and other sub menus may result in better text.

Windows 98/Me/NT 4.0

  1. Menu operations are recorded as clicks, not as menus in Explorer, Internet Explorer, and Outlook Express. In that case, the menu name is recorded as a "Context" menu.
  2. May not detect changes in text boxes.
  3. May not detect changes in checkboxes and other controls.

Windows NT 4.0

  1. Cannot detect changes in contents of controls such as a checkbox or text.

Adobe Photoshop

  1. Toolboxes and buttons without text will not record properly.
  2. Popup menus from toolboxes will not record properly. To screen capture these menus, use the PrtScn key.
  3. Cannot record values in drop down controls.
  4. Cannot record group boxes of dialog boxes.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0

  1. Cannot record text of Favorites menu.
  2. Option buttons and checkboxes in Web pages may not record their names.
    Use <label for="..."> attribute for Click! Recorder to recognize when you are doing your own web sites.
  3. When you click buttons in Web pages, release mouse buttons after capture sound stops.

Microsoft Money 2002

  1. Cannot record names of menus and controls.

Microsoft Office XP

  1. Follow the menu operations recommendation in the General Section above.
  2. Office may fail to capture control names on quick operations. Listen to the capture sound and make sure capture is done before proceeding to the next action as in recording tips.
  3. In Outlook, when you double-click mails, text may record an incorrect target.
  4. In Outlook, the address list of Address Book will not record properly.

Java Applications

  1. Cannot record text.
  2. Cannot record control's structures.